Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Accept Yourself

Anonymous. True self-acceptance is something that comes from placing ourselves in the Presence of God. For God knows full well the truth about us and our state. When we discover that our state is lowly indeed, that we are needy, not strong, it is then we know Who God is. Then, yes, we can accept ourselves, since we know that He accepts us and loves us not for any virtue of our own, but because He made us, redeemed us and loves us.

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Big Fan said...

It seems that when we criticize the essence of our own being, we are criticizing God's work, as our creator.

However, our behavior belongs to us!

If we can look on ourselves as God's creation, we can relax with the essence of our being, our nature, and function at a higher level.

I'm the "protector" of one of God's works. Being 'me' is not all about 'me'.

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