For St Anthony Fans Everywhere...

The Body of St Anthony of Padua was exposed in the Basilica in Padua between 15-20 February 2010.

I know it is too late to see in real life but click here for a video of the Exposition of the 'Hammer of the Heretics' in his native city.

One 'skeleton' in the Church of which She can be truly proud! A real treasure!


Ronan said…
Is this the same St Anthony we pray to when we've lost something? He's been looking out for me recently; I went to the supermarket the other day and found my woolly hat in the trolley baby seat, from using it as a pillow for my newborn the time before. I hadn't even realised it was missing!
What are the chances of that!?

Yes he is the patron saint of lost stuff, as well as a patron of the poor, the blessed sacrament and the elderly and starving apparently.
Ttony said…
Errrr, St Anthony was a native of Lisbon. He just happened to end up in Padua. In Portuguese he is always known as Santo António de Lisboa.

According to wikipedia he is also patron saint of air hostesses.
pelerin said…
That was awesome as I think the Americans say. I am glad they put the Saint together again but could not help noticing that he was missing a forearm in the latest showing. Then I realised that perhaps this is in another reliquary somewhere?