Tuesday, 12 January 2010

The Great British Educational Diversity Debate

"Someone rescue these poor, miserable children from Christian morality, before its too late and they start praying the Rosary! The Rosary leads children to become men and women of faith and those kind are a danger to society, probable terrorists even!"

Oh, the evils of the Faith Schools! How much time have you got to list the many evils of Faith Schools?! Faith Schools educate children according to a religion. Outrageous! The majority of them teach children about morality! Scandalous! All faith schools teach that there is a God! Horrendous! Poor children! Imagine these children having to be subject to this flagrant attack on their freedom and conscience even though their parents have sent them there! Some of these schools have the temerity to teach children to respect their bodies and souls and encourage chastity until marriage! Oh, the wickedness! Oh, the malignant cancer that is Faith Schools! These children should be encouraged to start shagging at the earliest opportunity like the rest!

Some of them, even some of the Catholic ones, teach that Christ was born of the Virgin Mary, died for our sins, rose again, ascended into Heaven and is seated at the right Hand of God the Father from whence He shall return in Glory to judge the World on love! Ban them! Or, if not ban them, dilute them so much that they have to change their names to 'Allfaithsandnone Schools' or even 'Humanist Schools' so that schools dedicated to St Philip Neri are henceforth named after Philip Toynbee and schools named after St Bernard of Clairvaux are dedicated to Bertrand Russell.

Click here if you want to be a part of The Times's great British debate on 'Faith Schools - Good or Bad for Education', taking place online tomorrow, Tuesday January 12, 2010 at 1pm.

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