Conspiracy Theories Are Catholic

After the Latin Mass tonight I was challenged by other parishioners on conspiracy theories after I said, "Nobody has done more harm to the 9/11 truth movement than Bishop Richard Williamson." This is, of course, because he is a rabid Holocaust revisionist, with as much credibility as his Holocaust-denying friend David Irving and all you have to do to admit that the Holocaust happened and it was evil on an industrial scale is to go to Google and type the word, 'Holocaust'.

Personally, I don't belong to any of the new 9/11, climate change or 7/7 'truth movements'. There is only one 'Truth movement' and that is the Catholic Church. Yet, it is hard not to sympathise with such secular 'truth movements'. As human beings we have a yearning for truth and a yearning for the Truth, the Truth that is Our Lord Jesus Christ and His Church, for Christ and His Church can never be separated. People of faith and none have a natural repugnance for lies, even if we ourselves have been guilty of indulging in a few in our time.

We are told by Our Lord in the Gospel that the Devil is the 'father of lies' and Our Lord wills that we should hate lies, spin, cover-ups and deceit, for where there are lies, there is the enemy of truth, the Devil and out of love for God we should will that he be cast down into Hell so that he may not secure the ruin of a single soul.

Truth, therefore, and the exposure of lies for what they are, is, or at least should be, a burning passion of the Catholic. Charity may cover a multitude of sins, but Charity does not cover a multitude of lies. Therefore, we should condemn the actions of the Church and State in Ireland for the cover up of abuse and scandalising of the Faithful and pray for the healing of all those concerned.

Furthermore, while keeping a healthy optimism in the innate goodness of human nature, we should not be so naive as to think that people in power and authority do not tell massive porkers because it is convenient to an agenda. Those with authority in the Church in Ireland who covered up the scandal did so because they didn't want individuals to be found out or the reputation of the Church to suffer and now here we are in 2009 with Her reputation in Ireland destroyed and the Church suffering. It was a conspiracy. A web of lies and deceit.

Now, if those charged by Christ to govern and minister to the Church are capable of such, I ask you, how much more corrupt are those worldly institutions who have no recourse to the laws of God at all. Charlie Sheen was ridiculed by many in the press for asking Obama to launch a fresh investigation into 9/11, despite the fact that he must be the only Hollywood actor who isn't a Scientologist. The actor, whose father, Martin, ironically took his stage name from Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen, is within his rights to ask questions like, "Hang on. How did Mohammed Atta's passport survive the inferno in mint condition, but the black boxes didn't?"

All those Americans (and the bereaved families)
are doing is asking the Government for an independent public inquiry on what really happened on the day of September 11 2001. They are asking for the truth and guess what, they got the 9/11 Commission, which failed to address the fact that in what the government describes as a "bizarre coincidence", one U.S. intelligence agency was planning an exercise on that day in which an errant aircraft would crash into one of its buildings!

All those British people (and the bereaved families) are doing is asking the Government for an independent public enquiry into what really happened on 7th July 2005. They are asking for the truth and guess what? The Government will not grant them an inquiry. Tony Blair, a man we no longer associate with sincerity or integrity, described the calls for an inquiry as a 'ludicrous diversion' despite the fact that events of that day do not add up and in what the government probably describe as a "bizarre coincidence", a 'private company' was running a training exercise in which the same tube stations which they would be 'defending', were actually bombed!

You see, in order for truth to out, you need to take not so much a 'ludicrous diversion' as an inconvenient and uncomfortable one. All in all, it's a bit like Confession, where we put our hands up and say, "Yep, You got me, Lord have mercy!". We are Catholics. We are people of the Truth and we should be people who demand the truth from our elected representatives, even if they have already legislated, rather conveniently in 2005, in the Inquries Act (2005) that government ministers have the power to suppress embarrassing information, in legislation which at the time prompted one US Republican Representative, Chris Smith, to exclaim, "The bill pending before the British Parliament should be named the 'Public Inquiries Cover-up Bill.'"

The proof of the pudding as to which 'smoking guns' really exist will be in who gets arrested and placed in 'prolongued detention' over the coming months and years. The rhetoric coming from the Obama administration is that people who ask too many questions on healthcare, governmental versions of events and the erosion and removal of civil liberties is that they are 'conservative terrorists'. The Catholic Church, which should be a thorn in the side of corrupt and wicked governments could very well come under that description in the future. We should, therefore, sympathise with anyone who is persecuted in their pursuit of justice and truth, because, in all truth, we know how it feels to be labelled a 'nutjob' just because we believe in Christ, who is the Way, the Truth and the Life!