Saturday, 6 June 2009

Abortion Ads

Heavy bleeding for several weeks, high risk of infertility, medical link to breast cancer, tearing of the womb, injuring of the cervix, depression, self-harm, risk of suicide...All the medical research of the long-term, short term and medium term psychological, physical and biological effects of abortion suggest that if it were any other 'product' it would have been taken off the shelf long ago. If a yoghurt caused any of these symptoms I think there'd be a public outcry.

Watch out for these advertising slogans on when abortion industry companies start indoctrinating an impressionable and highly vulnerable target audience.

'I can't believe it's not safe...'

'Buy one abortion and get your next half-price.'

'57 varieties...of severe after effects.'

'Abortion: Probably the crumbliest, flakiest defense of infanticide in the world.'

'Marie Stopes don't do post-abortion counselling. But if we did, it would probably have to be the worst post-abortion counselling in the World.'

'If you get a friend to have an abortion we'll give you a discount off your next one.'

'A pram? £49.99. Nappies? £7.99. An abortion? £749.99. Bereavement after a clinic has taken your baby having killed it? Priceless...For all vulnerable mother things there's Planned Parenthood.'

'Take two unborn children out in the clinic? Not us, we just botch and go.'

'There's probably no such thing as a small and defenseless human stop worrying and get on with your life.'

'Regret! The worst a woman can get!'

'The man from Del Monte he say, 'No. Really. Think about it!'

'Abortion: Eight out of ten women regret it very deeply and for the rest of their lives.'

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