Thursday, 30 April 2009

A Society of Broken Relationships Teaches Children: How to Have Broken Relationships

I've been on the Guardian columnist's website, having it out with someone called Spoonface. Of course, on a Guardian column, the writer of the article on 'sex ed for kidz' was bound to find many friends agreeing that 'faith schools' should 'shut the **** up' about sexual morality.'

It strikes me that the greatest threat to the State in the UK isn't anarchists or terrorists. Really, it is religion, and not just Christianity, but any religion that doesn't agree with its atheistic, secular world-view. When it comes to certain issues, such as abortion or the scandalisation of the child, Muslims, Jews and Christians should really be able to speak out together more and especially with regard to State interference in 'faith schools'.

The idea of God clearly terrorises the Government more than anything else. The idea that people believe in God and have a faith and try to live by that faith is to the Government, a great annoyance, because it means that the State cannot rule supremely over people's minds and hearts. What the State says is not the final word on the matter, even if it were to pass all the discrimination laws in the World. Faith schools, thank God, were given an opt out clause for the Government's sexualisation of children programme, sorry, and it is a very sorry, sex education programme.

In a strange way, even though the programme is scandalous and criminal, I feel rather sorry for the Government, because it is helpless to deal with the rising tide of teen pregnancies, abortions, STDs and the like. Utterly hapless, is the Government, because the Government cannot appeal to a moral law higher than itself. They seem intent on legislating moral relativism into the very fibre of the country's being. It has done so for a long time...Yet, that means that when there is something of a crisis in morality, such as children having sex with children and making more children, the Government doesn't have a moral leg on which to stand. It has consistently undermined the Moral Law, eroded it, legislated against it. Deep down, perhaps, what the Government really wants to say to young teenagers is, "Stop shagging, you little rascals and have some self-control!" or, "For the love of God, wait until you're married! Sheesh!" or "You're just kids! You can't do that! Anyway, it's illegal!"

But it cannot. Every tenet of social cohesion has been broken and pulled down, every taboo smashed on the floor of the Commons. Political correctness is now the religion of the day. Secularism is sacred, and woe to anyone who thinks otherwise. The cat is out of the bag, meaowing frantically, chasing mice, ripping up the curtains, crapping in the corner of the room and it won't go back in. So, it is not surprising then, that the nations children are so wayward. But then, the Government response is so cowardly as well.

Children, according to the UN, in the UK, are among the unhappiest in the entire World and the Government's sex-plan speaks of that unhappiness quite profoundly. UK children are coming from broken homes and broken relationships, homes where they feel unloved, homes where they haven't been taught what love is, homes where trust disappears and fidelity is abandoned. They then have to process that experience and of course suffer for it, feel guilty for it, feel they are to blame for their parents miseries.

They've been shown neither love, nor prudence, justice, temperance, fortitude, nor forgiveness, that most sublime of Christian virtues, nor trust. They have been witness to the selfishness that comes from our sins and seen their family rent asunder, the spiritual womb of the home torn apart recklessly. Many were shown no love, so go looking for love where they can. They equate love with sex and sex with fun and many teachers merely agree.

Children have been shown no morality and so have no morality. They have been taught Godlessness and so believe no longer in God. Broken homes, broken relationships have formed broken children...and then, the Government come along and tell them that broken relationships are the only way...To children they say, "You cannot trust in God any longer. You cannot wait for someone who will love you who you will marry and cherish each other as the deepest of friends. What you experience from your parents now, you will repeat. There is no other way. You are not worthy of purity or chastity or virtue, but only self-debasement from an early age, squandered love, broken hearts, unbridled passion, but wounded, battered souls, many partners, all unfulfilling..."

The Government says, "You do not belong to God. You are now an object of sexual enticement and sexual satisfaction. The gift of sexuality, by our acquiescence and our blessing, by our promotion of sex, sexual licence and selfishness, you will live out in our plan. We shall not teach you that sex is a gift for marriage, for union, for nothing is holy nor special, and were it so, you are not worthy of it..."

"No, we shall teach you that sex is like having a cup of tea or going to the cinema. It is not sacred or special. The immorality and recklessness of your parents who wounded you, you shall repeat. Here, we expect nothing better of you, not virtue, not fidelity, not love, not devotion. Here, take these condoms and if they don't work or you forget, or are too drunk, here is some advice about abortion, the most undignified, horrendous and personally traumatic thing you will ever do."

"You are a commodity, not special, not loved and we shall not show you the alternative...the alternative taught and the alternative tried to live, by those annoying people...the people of God."

For this message to children, I have no doubt...this Government will pay...bigtime!

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