Thursday, 12 February 2009

Tony Blair: President of Europe?

President Sarkozy is trying to assist in making Tony Blair the new President of Europe. What on earth is going on? A couple of blog commentators have noted with unease the rumour that Blair could be preparing for a new role in the EU as President. The reason Blair makes many Catholics feel uneasy is that even though he is a convert he has yet to distance himself from policies he supported while in office, such as his voting record on civil same-sex marriage and most strikingly, abortion. He seems to continue to maintain open opposition to Church teaching publicly, yet seemingly without any hint of criticism from the Bishops of England and Wales.

Even if you can cut Blair slack for his opposition to publicly supporting Church teaching in regard to public policy, the Iraq war was so deeply unpopular and mired in half-truths and political spin and misrepresentation, 'sexed up' secret service documents and muddiness, that it seems bewildering that he can emerge from it with his reputation unscathed and waltz into the top job in Europe, when a full and thorough investigation into events leading up to the Iraq war has not yet been established. But then, that is politics for you.

I wish he would publicy say something in defence of the rights of the unborn but we've never heard it. I just find it so sad that while a million Catholic bloggers support the Church every day, a Catholic who is high profile cannot bring himself to do it.


Kate said...

If Sarkozy succeeds in crowning Tony Blair as president of Europe, what would that make Her Blairy Cherieness?

Anonymous said...

Hello, I read your blog every so often, and read the post in which you vaguely wondered about a Franciscan-y congregation whose brothers would live in sleeping bags and homeless shelters, busking for a living, etc.

A few days later this girl I met on a Franciscan retreat, and who turned out to be a neighbour, dropped in. She was telling me about some Capuchins in Katowice or some such who live exactly as you described, except that they don't busk, and they preach retreats in parishes.

Just thought you might like to know!

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