Friday, 27 February 2009

Hilarious Picture

Damian Thompson posted this extraordinary picture on his blog. LMAO!

When asked when how long they had been ex-masturbators, the guy on the right said, "Oh about 10 minutes." The interviewer said, "My, oh my, well then I guess congratulations are in order. Here my man, let me shake you by the hand...Oh, on second thoughts."

Rumour has it that before the 'EX' there is an 'S' which is hidden by the creases near the armpit. I'm so juvenile! But then so is the Protestant conception of Faith!

Oh Lord, have mercy! I don't mean to be nasty...I just always think that chastity is a belt best worn around your heart and if you wear it on your t-shirt the likelihood is that people will think you're a bit of a tosser...

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