Thursday, 26 February 2009

3 Year Old Sings the Sanctus!

Yes, it is true! The Latin Mass is popular with the young and the Church is seeing young people flock back to Church to attend Mass in the Extraordinary Form! The question is, if you can teach a 3 year old to sing the Sanctus, then why do people think that children can only sing the 'Sorry Song' while intermittently clapping their hands!? Sometimes I don't think we give children enough credit. What a cutie!

I was woken up by Gregorian Chant the other day, by the way, as my clock radio is set to alarm mode for about 8am. "Oh my!" I thought, "What radio station is this? This is great! I'm going to tune into this station every day!" I waited for 45 minutes for the DJ to come on and talk about where this music was being performed, only to realise when the music went silent that it was a Gregorian Meditation CD that was in the CD player and the clock radio was set to CD mode! It wasn't the radio at all! Doh!

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