Saturday, 29 November 2008

Top Ten Lies of the Secular World

At 10, a new release, our Blessed Lord had an affair with the penitent St Mary Magdalen and gave her a child the bloodline of whom exists to this day. The whole point of the sinless Lamb of God is not that He had no sexuality, but that he did not act upon it and took upon Himself, in His Blessed Body, all of our sins, our concupiscience and faults when He died on the Cross.

At 9, another new entry, Judas was doing our Blessed Lord a favour and acting in accordance with His Divine Will in betraying our Lord into the hands of His enemies for 30 pieces of silver and our Blessed Lord thanked him for it. The Mystery of Evil is as mysterious as the Mystery of Faith, however, although our Lord we are told, knew all that was to take place, He was not happy with being betrayed by someone He counted as a friend.

At 8, a stalwart contender which seems to hang about secular society eternally, our Lord Jesus Christ was a 'good teacher' but not the Son of God. As far as I am aware, not only did our Lord not do a PGCE course in education, but only the Son of God could rightfully claim to teach us the truth about God and man, suffer and die for mankind's sins and rise again to ascend to the Heavenly Father having established His Holy Church on Earth. A 'good teacher' might say, "Love one another", but only the Son of God could say, "I am the Resurrection and the Life, anybody who believes in Me shall not die, but will have eternal life".

Rolling in at 7, masturbation is not a sin, but is perfectly natural and healthy. Not to do it makes us go insane. Chastity is difficult, and I am guilty. Chastity is more difficult for some than others, but to say masturbation is natural and healthy is a secular lie. Not only is masturbation based on fantasy, given that nobody else is there, but it objectifies the human being and the individual loses sight of the real value of the human person and distorts the notion of love. It isn't natural because in order to make a baby there needs to be one other person least. Similarly, two men have never made a baby, nor two women, nor a heterosexual couple using contraception. Not to give in to these temptations may be terribly annoying for those of us who are sex addicts, but no-one ever got locked up in an asylum for practicing chastity. Some Holy Martyrs were killed for it though...

At 6, a climber, the Crusades were a terrible thing and weren't the Church horrid to those lovely Muslim hoards who were just innocently smoking hookas and playing chess with their mates, when suddenly a bunch of Crusader Knights came along and killed them, their wives and children? The Crusades were launched in response to Islamic aggression and to protect the pilgrims under attack in the Holy Land. If a defence of the Christian realm had not been launched, this country, all of Europe and the West would have been under Sharia Law long ago.

At 5, we shouldn't give money to beggars because they'll only spend it on hard drugs and booze. Helping them is something the council, society or the Government should do. I can't remember the last time someone gave me money when I didn't spend it on fags, alcohol and feeding my inexplicable and unhealthy addiction to fishsticks. Too often this secular lie leads us to do nothing for Christ in the Poor, not even giving our time, energy, love, money, food, possessions and mercy. The poor will indeed be with us always, and to love them, feed them and clothe them and yes, give money to them is to serve Christ and learn that it is in giving that we truly receive.

At 4, when we die there is nothing and nothing happens. Not only is this secular lie depressing but it is terribly damaging to all of us. Life, then becomes a wholly fruitless endeavour of no eternal importance and of no real significance at all. It is also a very convenient way of escaping the simple but profound truth that when we die we will have to answer to someone else other than ourselves, namely, our Maker and Redeemer.

Straight in at number 3, the Church is horrid because it is against contraception and this is the main cause of the spread of AIDS and HIV in the developing world. The main cause of the spread of AIDS, HIV and all sexually transmitted diseases is that people are shagging around without thinking of the consequences. If the Church were to change the Doctrine against contraception, She would be telling big porky pies to all of society, leading us into error and acquiescing with the disturbing, vacuous and meaningless sex that we may enjoy if we do it, but is in no way an objective expression of human love. There is only one sure fire way not to get AIDS. Keep your todger in your trousers until you meet someone you can truly cherish, love and protect in the Sacrament of Marriage, which is eternal and reflective of the beauty of God's Love.

A high climber at 2. Abortion is a 'right' because its 'my body'. Nobody has the right to kill, that is something enshrined in all human hearts and in the rule of law of every country on Earth. The fact that countries abuse this law with capital punishment and abortion laws makes a mockery of every act of human rights legislation ever passed. It may be 'your body', but the baby's body is not an extension of yourself, but another human being alive in your womb. It is a human life, which we should not kill. Hitler thought the lives of the Jews were a great inconvenience. An unwanted pregnancy may be thought of as a great inconvenience, but we have no more right to kill the child in the womb than Hitler had the right to take the lives of innocent Jews. I use Hitler as an example, because the worldwide rate of abortion makes the Holocaust dwindle in comparison. This simple truth extends to the embryos the Government wants to strip and destroy in order to 'save lives' as seen in the Human Embryology and Fertilisation Act'. If you want to 'save lives' Mr Brown, don't kill.

And at 1, Top of the Pops in terms of secular lies, the Church covered up the true teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ, quashed other gnostic 'gospels' and buried the 'real hidden meaning' of our Lord Jesus Christ and the Church is nasty for doing so. Our Blessed Lord built the Church on St Peter and the Apostles when he said, "Peter, thou art the Rock and upon this Rock I shall build My Church and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it. Whatsover you bind on Earth will be considered bound in Heaven and whatsoever you loosen on earth will be considered loosened in Heaven." The succession of all Apostolic authority from Pope to Bishops to Priests is derived from the authority that Christ gave to St Peter and the Apostles to baptise, teach all nations, absolve sins and offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass for the conversion of the World and to strengthen communicants with the Precious Body and Blood of Christ. The main reason that people like 'gnostic' gospels with hidden meaning is that people do not like the Truth and the unalterable fact that the Gospel of Christ as proclaimed by Holy Mother Church is inconvenient, difficult, unpalatable to those who live in falsehood and Holy. Our Blessed Lord was crucified because society rejected the Holy Son of God. The only real reason that the Church is so unpopular is because society perpetually rejects the Holy Teaching of God.

Now, time for Confession...I've fallen into mortal sin this week yet again and committed all kinds of offences against God's unalterable Law of Love of God and neighbour and am in dire need of Absolution, so that I can receive the Precious Body and Blood of Christ tomorrow in a State of Grace.

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