Monday, 24 November 2008

Looking for a Patron?

I've found a good website which details an A-Z of patron saints.

Abandoned Children: Jerome Emiliani
Academics: Thomas Aquinas
Accountants: Matthew
Actors: Genesius; Vitus
Advertising: Bernardine of Siena
Advocates: Ivo
Agricultural workers: Watstan
AIDS Sufferers: Therese of Lisieux
Air travelers: Joseph of Cupertino
Altar boys:John Berchmans
Altar servers: Tarsicius
Anesthetists: Rene Goupil
Angina sufferers: Swithbert
Animals & birds: Francis of Assisi
Animals (sick): Beuno
Apologists: Justin
Apothecaries: Nicholas
Appendicitis: Elmo
Archaeologists: Jerome
Archers: Sebastian
Architects: Barbara; Thomas the Apostle
Armorers: George; Laurence
Art: Catherine of Bologna
Artists: Luke
Astronauts: Joseph of Cupertino
Astronomers: Dominic
Athletes: Sebastian
Authors: Francis de Sales
Aviators: Joseph of Cupertino; Therese of Lisieux Babies: Zeno of Verona

For B - Z click here.

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