Pope Insults Celebrations of the Birth of Christ

She isn't talking about how to make mince pies.
I'm been compiling the Pope Francis Little Book of Insults (Volume 1) this week. I've nearly a hundred pages and I don't consider I've really got started...

Each page gets its own insult, but as well as the insults against Priests, Bishops and others, I now have one against the celebration of Christmas.

'It's a charade', apparently.

Why? Because of hatred and war, that's why.

You could well think that hatred and war are a 2015 phenomenom, unknown before but, like the poor, they are with us always.

Why this year, is Christmas' a charade' then, you might ask, but not last year? Or was it a charade last year too? Let's face it, there has been enough grave and deprave evil in the world, should you decide Christ's birth makes no difference to the world at all, for a long, long time.

The fact is, we could strike war and terrorism off our list of evils and still have the rampant crime of abortion (as well as youth unemployment!) to find as reasons to call Christmas a 'charade', if we really wanted to stop evangelising and give people the impression that the birth of Christ heralds nothing but Christmas lights, trees and the exchanging of presents. After all, abortion is the destruction of human life where the Nativity is the birth of Life Itself, entering into our wartorn and sinful world.

Just my thoughts, but I've been wondering about those who compare our Western democracies to Islam and its extreme adherents, calling their culture barbaric, about mutilation, decapitation, slaughter and the rest, fair enough, that culture has all these evils, but let's face it, our societies are doing exactly the same with unborn babies so let's not get too much on our high horse.

On the surface our 'values' are far superior to those seen in the Islamic world, but you don't have to scratch the surface very far to see that they are perhaps not worlds apart. Is life sacred to us?

As for 'charade', has His Holiness forgotten the Synod already? You can buy Edward Pentin's book on the 'Rigging of a Synod' here. It will make a nice Christmas present for somebody.


Lynda said…
Our countries through corrupt and weak "governments" have adopted the atheistic materialist, cruel disvalues of the NWO world government, via the UN, Council of Europe, EU, etc. The institutionalising and compulsion of mass slaughter of young, innocent and the sick, old, etc. is what makes it worse than anything that has gone before. And by the constant mass propaganda and indoctrination theough education and all Media, and a corrupt Church, people have become complicit in this pervasive evil denial of God and of human nature. The baptised have followed the apostate bishops, priests and religious into apostasy.
DJR said…
When push comes to shove, western societies (or modern democracies or whatever label one wishes to use) are worse than the adherents of ISIS, Al Qaeda, et al.

The "Muslim extremists" have, what appears to them at least, legitimate reasons to do what they do, be it religious and/or political, and they kill, what, several thousand people a year worldwide.

What are "our" reasons for the millions upon millions of abortions that occur annually in our midst?
Luke said…
Compare and contrast:

“The great question that will be with us throughout this entire book: What did Jesus actually bring, if not world peace, universal prosperity, and a better world? What has he brought?

The answer is very simple: God.... He has brought God, and now we know his face, now we can call upon him. Now we know the path that we human beings have to take in this world. Jesus has brought God and with God the truth about our origin and destiny: faith, hope and love. It is only because of our hardness of heart that we think this is too little. Yes indeed, God's power works quietly in this world, but it is the true and the lasting power. Again and again, God's cause seems to be in its death throes. Yet over and over again it proves to be the thing that truly endures and saves.”
― Pope Benedict XVI, Jesus of Nazareth: From the Baptism in the Jordan to the Transfiguration
Andrew said…
Did anybody catch this week's UN report on abortion rights in Poland?

"Poland should give children wider access to abortions, fight against “gender stereotypes” and imprison homophobes, a United Nations (UN) document has demanded."



Also, in one of the most controversial recommendations, it even calls for an end to so-called “windows of life” – small rooms built into the walls of convents where desperate mothers can leave unwanted children.

Anonymous said…
This BoR doesn't contemplate God, He's not Catholic and proselytism is a great silliness, so what's for? Europe is subjected by powerful lobbies, Islam is just another submission, nothing more, we're doomed, like France, and this is what we, all of us, deserve.
Pelerin said…
I took the Pope's comment on Christmas being a 'charade' to mean that many people who celebrate with lights, decorations, trees etc and overeating and drinking give no thought whatsoever to the real meaning of Christmas and why we are celebrating. Surely that is what he means isn't it?
Barbara Jensen said…
Bergoglio gives the distinct impression that he does not believe at all in Christ. I have never seen anything like it. Aside from his blatant apostasy, he pours contempt on those who do believe sincerely. His disdain, and really his hate for all things Catholic, are getting so apparent that it cannot be missed except by those is the deepest of denial. I am waiting form those orthodox prelates to finally say out loud what needs to be said. Cardinal Sarah is coming close.
Lynda said…
The UN is pushing its diabolic agenda affecting life, marriage, family without any restraint. For decades, every few months, the HRC and others of its agencies, along with those of the Council of Europe, etc., would proclaim how Ireland was in egregious breach of its demands for legalising the killing of innocents, conferring legal staus on depravity, removing rights and authority of parents, abusing and corrupting children . . . It's succeeded on most fronts in Ireland, Poland is next for total submission. Perhaps, Unlike Ireland, perhaps its new political leaders will not eagerly bow to whatever the NWO Global Masters demand.
Lynda said…
Our eternal souls are much more endangered by the deptaved tyranny of the arbitrary atheistic materialist ideology under which we live than the physical attacks of the Islamist murderers.
X said…
I'm surprised he hasn't denounced Christmas trees as anti-earth. That being said I was surprised myself him calling Christmas a charade due to war and violence when 100,000 babies a day are slaughtered in abortion. Of course, he doesn't obsess about babies in the womb, i.e. he forgot them entirely years ago along w/the entire Team B. His major family synod appointee not only thinks children are for bishops and cardinals to sexually abuse but encourages Catholics to sign laws legalizing baby slaughter. In my view none of them have celebrated Christmas, i.e. the birth of the Messiah, Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, since they were children (if then).
viterbo said…
Bergoglio said ... satan said ... what's the difference.

Some 50 odd generations since the Birth of Our Saviour and there has been Rabbinic treachery (on-going), Roman persecutions, Arian occupiers, Babarian marauders, Mohamet murder missions (on-going), Protestant slaughter salutations (on-going), Renaissance ruthlessness, Freemasonic machinations against the Holy See (on-going), the Great War, WWII, Hiroshima, VII, the Novus Ordo, the Killing Fields, the summer of love, anti-suffragette-feminism, anti-working-man socialism, and anti-Assisi-idolatry...and terrorism.... (feel free to add to the list). But Jorge of the Ninth Circle speaks 'without' forked tongue when he shocks and surprises by pissing on the cradle of salvation to make a modern point?... FU VII heresiarchs.
viterbo said…
PS. Anyone name a single Catholic (non-vii-heresiarch) Pope who used the continuing meanness of the world (satan's hood) as an excuse to piss on Catholic celebrations of salvation?
Nicolas Bellord said…
I will celebrate Christmas with lights, eating and drinking just as Christ did when he was on earth. Just remind everyone why we celebrate Christmas because it heralded redemption from sin and the possibility of an end to wars etc. Let us hope that Pope Francis reminds everyone of that.
Nicolas Bellord said…
Pelerin: You could be right. The Catholic Herald puts in an important caveat:

“We are approaching Christmas,” the Pope said, and soon everywhere “there will be lights, decorated trees, even Nativity scenes,” but if they are not signs of faith in Jesus and a commitment to following him, then it is “all fake.”

But where they get the 'but if' from I do not know. There is no trace of it on the Vatican website that I can find. Osservatore Romano certainly does not have it. Did the Catholic Herald make it up?
Craig V said…
"What are "our" reasons for the millions upon millions of abortions that occur annually in our midst?"

Anonymous said…
I seriously wonder if Francis is the pope that is under the control of Satan...
“I took the Pope's comment on Christmas being a 'charade' to mean that many people who celebrate with lights, decorations, trees etc and overeating and drinking give no thought whatsoever to the real meaning of Christmas and why we are celebrating. Surely that is what he means isn't it?”

Aha ! So, some one knows what the pope means. I always believed somebody out there could make sense out of his papal prattling.

And as for you viterbo, you are rather vulgar and out of order. Pack it in, will you ?

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