Sunday, 8 November 2015

Insult Generator

A tech-savvy individual has created a Pope Francis insult generator.

Somehow, we have to get this book published soon. It would make a lovely Christmas gift.

Let's face it. The Curia will get one anyway for the Church's celebration of the Birth of Our Blessed Lord, just because its the season of peace and goodwill to men.

Remember Bishops, remember Priests, don't go living like pharaohs, in your marbled accommodation, with your room service and all mod con-luxury hotel existence, especially if you're going to talk about poverty a lot.

Oh sorry, that's the Papal privilege. Never mind.


  1. Proceeds could go to assistance of those brothers being persecuted for upholding the One True Faith.

  2. "The apostle must be polite, serene, enthusiastic and happy and transmit joy wherever he goes." Has he read St.Paul?

  3. How does one "transmit joy"??

  4. Wwwarner could publish it. Then it would get the cover all the major mags and folks world wide would become de facto disciples of Luther. But if it were called 'Heresiarch-Bergoglio's Liitle ... ' maybe some Lutherans would look up the Popes.

  5. Pharaos live in pyramids, don't they? OK, that's right, everything is in order.....till the Master will come.

  6. Lynda I think he means walk around with a big dopey, vacuous smile on your face all the time except when you're addressing Traditional Catholics at which point you should always resort to the scowl.

    1. Thank you for the spiritually-nourishing advice!!

  7. I LOVE the Insult Generator! What a great idea. I'm bound to find a bit of inspiration there to return to a few times a day. ;-)

    I think my sister has recently checked into publishing---I think it's Amazon who does it really inexpensively, and I would be honored to contribute to the cause. I'd love to send a copy on to HH to spread a little Christmas cheer, as he has done, and will probably do again, for the Curia.

  8. Lynda... Don't I know you from the Epididymus Fowler? Do you still smell like fish??

  9. Envy is an insult to oneself.
    See the link below for more info.



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