Filthy Cheat!

Oh joy! Diego Maradona, the unrepentant cheat from Argentina, unlike that nice Gary Lineker, is rather taken by Pope Francis. Perhaps, we should not be too surprised. I do not wish to revel in the vices of others, but the unrepentant cheat, whose comeback in another world cup was ruined because of his habitual cocaine use, claims to have found something of a Supreme Pontiff after his own heart in the Pope from the New World.
“The Vatican, for me, is a lie because instead of giving to people it takes away. All popes have done this and I don’t want him to do it,” Maradona said during an interview with a Naples TV station, according to Reuters.

“I am disappointed with the Vatican but I believe in you because you are making changes and pointing us towards more human things, things that I would like to see in the Church,” he added.
As England supporters will know and appreciate, Diego Maradona has ever been a rebellious child of Argentina who turns his nose up at any sense of playing by 'the rules'. Rules, or law, do not matter to Diego, therefore it is unsurprising that he admires Pope Francis's often radical, 'alternative style'. Consistent minor acts of rebellion against established law and custom make for unjust football and an unjust Church. In England, we have a strong sense of fair play, in football, at least, if not in wars over disputed territory.

Consistent law-breaking and acts of rebellion are appealling to some, even to the offender, but they tend to spoil the atmosphere for everyone else who is still expected to live under the law, lest they follow the example of the cheat and foster a sense of anarchy. There are rules in football, hence the presence of a referee and two linesmen, who may or may not make the right call in a world cup final against Germany.

Blasphemous, cheating Argentinian: Diego Maradona
Naturally, Englishmen were and remain much aggrieved by the Argentinian cheat's scurrilous work of devilry during that World Cup match when Diego 'handed' Argentina a win - even if his other goal was a work of sublime genius. In many ways Diego became an icon for the moral relativism so lamented by Benedict XVI.

Perhaps Diego in seeking to be an 'advisor' to Pope Francis is looking forward to some kind of dictatorship of relativism in the Catholic Church. Let's hope His Holiness disappoints the aging scallywag who cheated England out of the World Cup and then went on to blasphemously claim that it was all, somehow, the work of the 'promptings' of the Holy Spirit. We are, quite naturally, all praying that this is not a tactic employed by those close to the Pope in the aftermath of the Synod of the Family in October. "It was the 'Hand of God' that destroyed Christ's infallible doctrine!" 

Be careful, Your Holiness, for there may be some among your associates and advisors who are contemplating just such a 'tactic'!

The 'Hand of God' indeed. Let's hope the Catholic Church learns from the dishonesty and flagrant deception of the Argentine footballing legend. It was YOUR hand, Diego, not God's Hand! By your own hand and by your own dishonesty, YOU deceived the World and its referee and then claimed that it was of 'divine origin'! Repent! Lest your sin, the consequences of which were terrible for football, English morale and our world cup chances, drag you to Hell where liars and cheats never enter God's rest! You and all who follow your foul example are at risk of such! There are no lies in God! He is the Truth and He will pay each according to his deeds at Judgement both private and general! Fear Him and do not dare to suggest that in God there is deception, lies, falsehood, or any sense of untrustworthiness!

God will never suggest that that which He has revealed is untrue! Filthy cheat! God does not forget! Nor do the English!

Continues the Argentinian cheat...

“Little Francis, I say to you, I want to meet you and talk to you and I want to say many things to you and tell you the things you have to do for the world. This way we will have a Pope”.

'Little Francis'?! 'Little Francis'?! It's 'Your Holiness', Diego! He may be 'your cup of tea', but he's still THE POPE!

So, let's get this straight. Until the Pope takes advice from Diego Maradona, the Chair is empty!? I know Francis is a cause of concern for many at the moment, but has Diego ever thought of joining the SSPX?

What utter blasphemy! What is this man on!? Just because news broke of a haulage of South American cocaine posted to the Vatican, does not mean that either Cardinal Maradiaga, whose speeches are sometimes rather 'exuberant and over-confident', are into the kind of lifestyle and flagrant disrespect for the law that you are! The cheating scoundrel! I hope this cheating, blasphemous scallywag is not presenting himself for Holy Communion!

I say this in all charity. I guess 'who am I to judge?' is the default position of the referee who takes his eye off the ball and allows disorder, injustice, chaos and moral relativism to triumph. Of course, much of this post is indeed in jest and my own transgressions of the law I acknowledge, but the irony of Diego's endorsement was, for me, just a little too rich to resist By the way, talking of riches, is the Argentinian footballing legend still a millionaire or did he spend all his riches on the poor of Argentina?


viterbo said…
it would seem the 'hand' would probably prefer to become one of Bergoglio's 'brother bishops', than support the SSPX who are, as we know, well, faithful Catholics.

What does a loyal player do when the ref, the linesmen, and even the tv 'replay', refuse to evince any sportsmanship with regard to truth, fairplay, goodwill, honesty, the good of the players etc.? leave the field and give them the finger and shake the dust off one's feet?

"How many winds of doctrine have we known in recent decades, how many ideological currents, how many ways of thinking. The small boat of the thought of many Christians has often been tossed about by these waves - flung from one extreme to another: from Marxism to liberalism, even to libertinism; from collectivism to radical individualism; from atheism to a vague religious mysticism; from agnosticism to syncretism and so forth. Every day new sects spring up, and what St Paul says about human deception and the trickery that strives to entice people into error (cf. Eph 4: 14) comes true. Today, having a clear faith based on the Creed of the Church is often labeled as fundamentalism. Whereas relativism, that is, letting oneself be "tossed here and there, carried about by every wind of doctrine", seems the only attitude that can cope with modern times. We are building a dictatorship of relativism that does not recognize anything as definitive and whose ultimate goal consists solely of one's own ego and desires." Benedict XVI
J said…
Ok ok...fair enough. Probably this is the kind of article published for UK home consume. Not to be read by an argentine as myself.
Now we can have a talk about UK responsabilities in the actual cultural state of the world, that probably are a bit larger than, say, Argentina´s part on it. Not to mention Maradona´s (i)responsabilities.
In fact this is a protestant, calvinist world, after Spain was defeated and South America alienated by british masonic money. joking, since Bergoglio and Maradona are italians. So an Italian thing must be.
DO you receive much feedback these days about your book '33'?

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