Friday, 24 January 2014

The Ballad of Summorum Pontificum II

The Ballad of Summorum Pontificum

It was the 7th of the seventh, 2007
"The most beautiful day
This side of Heaven"

The treasure was released
The Mass of all Ages
The Missal was closed
Then a Priest turned the pages

So we kneel down and pray the Confiteor
Are you ready for a 'Culture of Encounter'?
Ad Deum quit laetificat juvemtutem meum
He turns around and the people say give us some more!

For over 50 years
A Mass that lay hidden
Came out of the closet
No moth there had bitten

No dust was upon it
For this Mass was timeless
You could tell when you walked through the door!

You can hear the bells ring out once, twice, thrice at the Sanctus
Turns around and the Priest says "Oratre Fratres"
The Priest and people pray ‘Domine non sum dignus’
And the people say, "give us some more, more, more, more!"

Some more
Summorum Pontificum!
Gimme some more, some more of
The Church's law
Some more
Summorum Pontificum!
Gimme some more, some more, give us some more!

Ecce Agnus Dei qui tollis peccata mundi
When will we hear those words ring out
Every Sunday?
The Latin Mass is back
Put your guitars on the floor
We have Communion kneeling and on the tongue

All ages they pass
All ages they vary
The Latin Mass belongs back
In our seminaries

Our Pope doesn't want it
Oh if only he could
Say "God bless the Pope Emeritus!"

Some more
Summorum Pontificum!
Gimme some more, some more
of the Church's law!
Summorum Pontificum!
Gimme some more, some more
Gimme some more!

The Mass that brings sinners
To the Fountain of grace
The Mass that made martyrs
Embrace their pains
The Mass that brought hope
To the poor and abandoned
Finding in Jesus (bow head)
The perfect Companion
But that Mass is back (back)
To liberal dismay, yeah
Yes, that Mass is back (back)
It could not decay
Yes, that Mass is back (back)
And it makes liberals quake
That Mass is back
Will you find one today?

Some more
Summorum Pontificum!
Gimme some more, some more
It's the Church's law
Summorum Pontificum!
Gimme some more, some more
Gimme some more
(Repeat x 2)

It was the 7th July 2007
"The most beautiful day
This side of Heaven"

 “Your ministry, dear judges and employees of the Roman Rota Tribunal … is a service peculiar to the God of Love, who is close to every person. While you perform your judicial duties, do not forget that you are pastors! Behind every plea, every position, every case, there are people who seek justice”. 

- Pope Francis, 24 January 2014

Yesterday a Catholic priest warned me of the danger of falling into schism. I thank Fr Mark for his admonishment and I certainly take heed of it. I acknowledge that at time I do not, as perhaps I did yesterday, read into the Pope's words a meaning that His Holiness perhaps did not intend. If anybody was scandalised by this then I apologise.

Yet, it is hard to mask a sense of betrayal that I feel as a Catholic whose faith was certainly deepened under Benedict XVI and I would not, could not yet go so far as one Catholic priest, Fr Paul Kramer, who has written that Benedict XVI was forced to resign by ecclesiastical freemasonry and that therefore this means that Pope Francis, Jorge Bergoglio, is not a canonically elected pontiff, but fulfills St Francis of Assisi's prophecy which claims him to be the destroyer. I think that is somewhat putting 'the cart before the horse' even if palpable discomfort among those loyal to Benedict XVI is still rife.

Aside from a vagueness and lack of clarity in teaching, the sense of betrayal for me really centres on the treatment of the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate and the scandal of their having been censured over the issue, it appears, of their embracing of the traditional liturgy. I do not require a permit to attend a Latin Mass, or in order to re-record a song I wrote a few years back, but permits are now a huge feature of Franciscan life in the Order of the Immaculate. I ask, just who would join that poor Order now?  I feel increasingly sorry for those lay people who, thanks to Benedict XVI, were able to attend Mass in the Extraordinary Form thanks to the Friars of the Immaculate, but who now cannot, since 30 of the 33 Traditional Latin Masses at Churches offered by the Immaculate, have been cancelled.

As men and women of far lower rank in the Church, I would suggest tentatively that we can raise concerns about the current state of the Papacy and implore His Holiness to take into account the deeply valuable theology and work of his predecessor, especially in giving the Catholic Church back the riches of Her Sacred Liturgy and beginning a restorative work to the manner and form in which we worship. Of course, as all can agree we must pray for the Supreme Pontiff and show him charity, loyalty and, unless it pertains to a matter that runs contrary to God's law, obedience.


Православный физик said...

Amen to everything you've said here. This pontificate has been disheartening to say the least. But you know, it's our goal to finish the race, no matter how ugly it gets.

Not That Guy said...

Beautiful. If you ever have a CD, I'd buy it

Anonymous said...

Fr Kramer has become a Sede Vacantist, are you heading that way?

The Bones said...


No. The Church definitely has a Pope.

Seaneinn said...

Totally with you on this. I just pray in the sure hope that it will all work out

Anonymous said...

Interesting view about the current status quo from a Canadian Catholic singer. Enjoy it!

Jacobi said...


Don’t get upset.

We live in a world of instant communication, often selective and nuanced by professionals, and designed to influence opinion.

Unlike previous generations, well certainly in my case, the average Catholic is now educated and capable of reasoned thought. There is a duty to ensure clear and unambiguous public statements, on the part of our religious leaders.

Yes, there is a case for dialogue and exchange of ideas - that was very much part of my job before I retired - but that is for private discussion, in which, in the case of religious discussion, the objective of the Catholic party, let’s be clear about that, is to convince the other of the Full Truth of the Catholic Church validly, held from Christ.

There is no place for unclear, or perhaps just careless, public statements, designed with the objective of “not upsetting anyone”, nuanced by press offices, I suspect, with what the recipients might find to be the uncomfortable Truth.

So, yes, let’s not slide into schism, that is so for all of us, particularly, if I may say so, those on the liberal wing of the Church, but equally avoid that false “Ultramontanism” which treats every casual remark as binding.

Remember that there are very clear rules and limitations on the authoritative utterances of Popes.

Fr Mark said...

Lawrence - your answer to anonymous is a little vague. I'd like to hear you publically state that 'the Church definitely has a Pope' and he is Francis. A number of sedevacantists claim that Benedict is still rightfully and legally Pope.

Our Lady of Good Success-pray for us. said...

Words and music, please Mr England, it would be nice to have some liturgical music (and some latin!) at Mass again. Moving, thanks for sharing this.

p.s. who would be at this blog if they were schismatics - surely then we wouldn't care?

This whole translation business is getting ridiculous. The 'Pope' (and posse) has spent millions on consultants for this that and the other, so why does he still have as an English translator someone recommended by the dude doing the hand dance at mandela's funeral?

Our Lady of Good Success-pray for us. said...

with your song, and myself, still wanting more in my head, I figured I'd look at the links in your post and on that, God bless the “German Shepherd”.

p.s. it's official, we're ok on the net, Pope calls internet a 'gift from God'. I think the onion should be hired to do his translations, then there will be no more confusion.,35057/

Anonymous said...

You are just using you God-given Catholic intelligence. Don't let accusations like Father Mark's (whom I'm sure means well) stop you from using it. That's what people do when they don't have any real solid case to contradict you - they accuse and attack...

Of course we all need to be careful of our own "opinions" that they don't take us astray for from the right path.

I see you as a faithful Catholic loyal to the Pope and papacy itself - but questioning, perplexed - and if you are anything like me - sometimes frightened - at what's happening in the Church - only by frequenting Mass and sacraments that is kept at bay for me...

You have a rare clarity. And humour too.

Prayers that we always keep the faith...I know my fraility...

Viva Cristo Re!

Our Lady of Good Success-pray for us. said...

"Just as it is licit to resist a Pontiff who attacks the body, so it is licit to resist him who attacks souls, or disrupts civil order, or, above all, him who tries to destroy the Church. It is licit to resist him by not doing what he orders and by impeding the execution of his will."
St Robert Bellarmine.

But then he's just a saint of the 'old' Mass. Should we dialogue with him? yay or nay?

The Bones said...

Fr Mark

I have no problem recognising Pope Francis as Supreme Pontiff of the Roman Church, Successor of St Peter and as Vicar of Christ on Earth.

I am starting to wonder whether His Holiness has a problem with this by the way in which he talks of the Faith.

Lynda said...

The persecution of the FFI, and the institute's suppression is terrible. The very stones are crying out. Will noone cry "halt"? It is a clear attack on liturgical and doctrinal orthodoxy because it is so successful in saving souls.

Lepanto said...

As M Voris once said, the question to be asked is 'Do you will that everyone in the world embrace Catholicism?'. If the answer is anything other than a totally unqualified 'yes' then that person is in error (at least) and possibly worse. We have cause to feel concerned about the implied answer on this matter by certain clergy and some in very high positions.

Celia said...

Being critical of the Pope (or bishop of Rome, if he prefers)is not schismatic. Nor is having a strong preference for his predecessor . Suggesting that his predecessor who freely laid down his authority, is still the Pope is, however, schismatic and not at all welcomed by the Pope Emeritus.
I read your blog regularly and while I do think you could perhaps give criticising Pope F a rest occasionally- he's not all bad, just not terribly clever or articulate- I can't see that you're heading for schism.

As for the Friars - I would suspend comment until we know exactly what the problem is.

Lynda said...

Including various statements of the Pope.

Long-Skirts said...

I wish you would print out the words to your song as I couldn't quite catch all of them.

w/apologies to K.C. & the Sunshine Band...


Do a little dance
Make a little mess
Put down that rite
Put down that rite!

Do a Bishop prance
Feign a humble stance
It's out a sight
It's out a sight!

Franciscan babes
Pull it together
You didn't do
What you should do

The Latin rite
Is used to tether
St. Pius the Tenth's
Point of view


The other guys
Say Latin Mass
Same way
Same kind

But always near
Society's brass
To come to them
If change of mind


A rival good
To God's own good
By every Chapel
Of St. Pius

Where we plan
As well we should
To lure away
And then they'll try us


So Franciscan babes
You'll have to go
You don't obey
Our church of people

Our plans entice
Shrink men to mice
Then shut you down
Obeying sheeple...

Do a little dance
Make a little mess
Put down that rite
Put down that rite!

Do a Bishop prance
Feign a humble stance
It's out a sight
It's out a sight!

Nicolas Bellord said...

The Franciscans of the Immaculate.

Yesterday we arrived rather late at Westminster Cathedral to find the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate reciting the Litany of Loreto in Latin followed by the Rosary. Then we had a Latin Sung Mass. (Don't tell Father Volpi). About 2,000 people had crowded into the Cathedral for this with a majority from ethnic minorities. More rosaries, exposition and procession of the Blessed Sacrament, confessions and a marvellous talk from Father Marcus Holden on Our Lady as guardian of the Doctrines of the Church. That meant all of them, he said, including Humanae Vitae. She also crushes the head of the snake of heresy. Finally a statue of Our Lady of Fatima was processed out into Victoria Street. (Flash mob?).

Father Holden recommended the slogan "Keep Calm and Say the Rosary".

Long-Skirts said...

"The Mass that made martyrs
Embrace their pains"...beautiful!


Vestments of red
Altar cloth too
Martyrs who bled
Did this for you.

Gold Tabernacles
Veiled in red’s hue
Martyrs in shackles
Hung for this view.

Red mums full bloomed
In water and brass
Martyrs consumed
Burned for this Mass.

Red rays of sun
Rose-streak the nave
Their suffering done –
Now red we must crave!

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