Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Happy Feast of St Thomas Aquinas


Our Lady of Good Success-pray for us. said...

but do we really want help? let's put summa help to the side indefinitely and dialogue with people who are certain they don't need any help and see where we end up. it's so exciting having doubt in the absolute. yet more joyous, the more I doubt the absolute, the more certain I am of myself. I really feel I can do no wrong, now if everyone would agree with me we could have world peace.


Br. Dove, 'what are we doing again?'

Sr. Dove, 'just follow me. we flap about long enough to give some good pics, people go woooo, then we fly back around to the office cage and everything goes on as usual.'

Br. Dove, 'but what do they get out of it?'


Sr. Dove, 'Silly, this schtick is worth a thousand heretical waarghrgh.'

tro said...

Funny how Bishop Frank and his fellow sceptics and relativists are always certain that certainty is wrong.

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