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Remember to File Your Tax Return


Can we say the same for the CofE?

The truths of the Anglican Church.
Founded by King Henry VIII, subject to the whims of the State, God not present and substantially worshipped, rewrote and distorted Sacred Scripture, cannot trace its line of shepherds to Apostles, fails to guard truth regarding it as subject to change in different times, doesn't believe in Salvation.

Courtesy of the excellent Catholic Memes:

"Mother! Is that you?!"

Bolivia has declared 'Mother Earth' has rights.

To read about the inalienable rights of Mother Earth, click here.

Then say a Hail Mary to the Mother so sacred that it is a worthwhile pursuit in endeavouring to please her.

Just to confirm, that'll be the Blessed Mother of God, Mary Most Holy.

Psychological Assessment and Review

As yet, I believe nobody in the Catholic press has reviewed what Russell Brand would describe as my 'booky-wook', not even Damian Thompson who is, I presume, too busy promoting his own. That's probably a good thing, because of its adult content and the style of the book itself. If I were a Catholic journalist, an ambition that is now further away than ever it was, I wouldn't want to touch it with a barge pole.

However, one person, at least (though it is likely that one commenter has 'multiple personalities') has already suggested that ten years ago, when the book was written, that I was 'nuts' or that I still am 'nuts'. I should like to tell this commentator that I have not written any such thing in any such style before the writing of '33' nor ever since this writing episode, ten years ago and nor do I have any intention to do so. I believe that to do so could be spiritually dangerous. For evidence of this, see Vassula Ryden.

For his b…

Gruffalo Scandal

Behold, readers, the horned Beast of the Apocalypse.

Bring back the Index Librorum Prohibitorum.

Children should not be indoctrinated with this kind of diabolical storytelling.

Isn't it obvious who the Gruffalo really is? For how long will we allow this horned beast with yellow eyes to haunt and seduce the minds of young children?

Someone get me Bishop Williamson. He needs to know about this scandal.

Keep Calm and Carry On

Do read the excellent Gentlemind blog raising awareness of the forthcoming Mega-Bill and of the urgent need for legislators and British people to wake up and recognise the sleight of hand being played by Her Majesty's Government in its claim that this proposal merely 'extends' marriage.

Fifty Shades of Grayling

"Shocking, specious, treadmill, graphic, violent and grippingly tedious. You'll never think of secularists in the same way again."  ~ Washington Post


War is peace and there's gold reserves in Mali.

ASBO Nation


Bills Within Bills

A leaked HM Government document disclosed this evening suggests that fears of marriage defenders over various and diverse implications of the 'same-sex marriage' proposals are not entirely unfounded.

The document lays out the various bills that will not have to be brought before the House of Commons for discussion, since all have been catered for under the proposal for 'same-sex marriage'.

These dramatic and revolutionary hidden bills are as follows:

Church of England Get With the Programme Bill Royal Family Get With the Programme Bill Age of Consent Reduction Bill (otherwise known as Tatchell and Harman's Law) Frankie Goes to Hollywood Bill (aka When Two Tribes Go to War Bill) Renaming of STIs and new NHS Dictionary Bill Official Clothing Assessment Bill (aka Okay, So Who is Wearing the Trousers Here? Bill)  Get with the Programme Assistance for Teachers, Clergy, Parents, Public Sector Workers Bill Two's Company, Three's a Crowd Family Law Bill LGBTQUABI…

A Small Homeless Survey in Brighton

I attended, last night, the memorial Mass of a Polish man, aged 28, who committed suicide in the wake of losing his job in Brighton.

Pray for his soul and the countless friends who turned up for a memorial Mass. His body has been sent back to his parents in Poland and his friends are understandably devastated.

Some general and anonymous info from the Homeless Nightshelter project which may interest readers. What stunned me was the proportion of men who are from Eastern Europe who do not want to claim benefits because they want to work.

14 men: no drug addicts or people with substance or alcohol issues.

Polish male: Left homeless accommodation in Brighton, was unhappy there, now homeless.

British male: Left homeless accommodation, was unhappy there.

British male: Lost flat in another town. Came to Brighton. Was made to 'go back' by Rough Sleepers Team, but didn't work. Had mental breakdown, came back.

British male: Broke up with partner. Lived with girlfriend. Was not his te…

The Past is a Foreign Country

With Our Lord Jesus Christ, the past is a foreign country, but no ordinary foreign country. It is a country washed away, as if by a torrent of Blood and Water which gushed forth from His side for our redemption. When we go to Confession and receive Absolution, making us worthy to receive Him in the Holy Eucharist, our sins are like Atlantis, erased from the memory of God and man. As far as the East is from the West, that is how far God has removed our sins from us. Every time we go to Confession, every time we receive Holy Communion, we learn again that Christ makes all things new, for the 'former things have passed away'.

33: A New Publication For Your Perusal

Dear readers,

We stand on the verge of the redefinition of the institution of marriage by Her Majesty's Government. As Catholics, we know that the defeat of this proposal is extremely unlikely. We are praying for reason and sense to prevail and for the light of Faith to dawn once more in the hearts of our legislators.

I knew, in 2003, when this publication was written that I would one day be called upon to bear witness to the Catholic Faith in a particular way and at a particular time. The particular way is by means of the publication of the book entitled '33' that now appears at the top of this blog. The particular time is now.

This book, to me, is a frank exchange between my soul and my Creator and Redeemer, but to you it is simply something a man has written. It is entirely up to readers to make up their own mind what it is. I can make no objective claim upon it regarding authenticity. It has been seen by a few people with a mixed response over whether it is suitable f…

Happy Feast Day

A very happy Feast of St Thomas Aquinas to all readers.

Pray for us St Thomas Aquinas,
that those with the gift of Faith may seek understanding,
that those with the gift of understanding
may give counsel to those who doubt
and that those who doubt may believe and understand,
recognising in the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church,
the Eternal Word, Our Lord Jesus Christ,
the King of Eternal Glory,
Whom the Eternal Father sent into the World,
born of the Blessed Virgin Mary,
our Immaculate and sinless Queen
for the Salvation of sinners.

If a man wants to compose a little prayer to St Thomas does he need an Imprimatur? I do hope not!

Why not listen to St Thomas's Pange Lingua Gloriosi, which went straight to the top of the Church's hit parade around 1517 and stayed in the top ten for all the centuries up to the present, and most likely, until the End of Time.

Seriously, though, please help us, St Thomas, to defend Marriage from the attacks it is now under, in our country wi…



Liverpool Care Pathway Prayer Released

An official NHS prayer has been released for those in the care of Primary Care Trusts up and down the land, in order to give spiritual comfort to those waiting to be starved and dehydrated to death under morphine:

'O God, save me in thy name: and judge me in thy strength. O Lord, hear my prayer: and hearken to the words of my mouth.
For strangers have risen up against me, and the mighty have sought after my soul: and they have not set God before their eyes. Behold, God is my helper: and the Lord upholdeth my soul. Turn back the evil upon mine enemies: and destroy them in thy truth.
Freely will I sacrifice unto thee: and will praise thy good name, O Lord, for it is good. For thou has delivered me out of all trouble: and mine eye hath looked down upon mine enemies.'

Brave New Brighton?

The Argus, Brighton's local newspaper, had a weird headline yesterday:

Police demand DNA from men with historic convictions for being gay

'Police turned up on the doorsteps of men and ordered them to hand over their DNA – for being gay. Officers went to the homes of three men and demanded they be allowed to collect samples from them in case they were guilty of unsolved crimes.

The men were picked out because they had been convicted of the outdated offence of gross indecency. And those who refused faced being arrested and taken to a police station for questioning. The tactic was used by officers as part of Operation Nutmeg, the force’s move to solve old crimes by collecting DNA samples from rapists, murderers and child sex abusers in case they were responsible but never caught.

But those convicted solely of gross indecency were also grouped in the directive and received a knock on the door – despite national guidelines saying they should not be. Two of the men were so concern…

Know Mary, Know Jesus


Horsing Around


Marriage Care

I can confirm that Marriage Care are happy to offer relationship counselling to people in civil partnerships.

I know because I've seen the form in which it asks whether you are 'married', 'single', 'divorced' or in a 'civil partnership'. So, James Preece was right on Marriage Care and if 'same-sex marriage' goes through they'll presumably be happy to do the same for all 'married couples'.



Do You Remember Voting for This Guy?

International financial rapist of nation states tells UK Prime Minister what to do on Europe.

Soros has helped to fund:

Campaign for 'gay marriage', LGBT movement
Pro-Euthanasia campaigns
Campaign for legalisation of all drugs
Artificial contraception and much, much more...
If Cameron is taking orders from Soros, Cameron needs to be arrested for treason.

We voted for corrupt politicians. Not corrupt billionaires in New York. He has a sense of irony, though. His mega-foundation is called'Open Society'.


There are men in the World and even Catholic Church today who consider themselves to be modern day Oscar Wildes.

Most of them forget that not only was Wilde married to a woman who he loved (and with whom he had children), but was repentant over his 'gay lifestyle' when he was received into the Catholic Church on his death bed.

Since his conversion at any other time would have caused scandal to the Faithful, were he unrepentant, he would not have been received.

Marriage Morning Must Read

Courtesy of The Telegraph

'The Education Secretary issued formal reassurances that teachers and other staff who hold traditional views on marriage should not be punished for refusing to promote same-sex marriage at work.

 But a senior source in Mr Gove's department said the UK was not “in control” and that the ultimate decision might “inevitably” be taken at the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

 It comes as the Coalition prepares to publish a bill to allow same-sex couples to marry. David Cameron believes that gay marriage is a fundamental issue of equality and is determined to make it law.

But he is facing a backlash from within his own party and churches who believe it would undermine the institution of marriage by redefining it.'
Click here for full article. As often as you can, pray for the defeat of this 'proposal'.

To read the Same-Sex Marriage Bill 2012-2013, click here.

Child Abuse

In the absence of natural parentage, it is child abuse to deny a child the right to a father and a mother. It is to neglect a child's welfare and best interests. Children require and deserve paternal love and a male role model as well as maternal love and role model for their personal development in order to grow up with a healthy attitude towards love and relationships. To adopt or 'buy' children in order to fulfill the personal desire of the adopter, rather than the needs of a child for a loving mother and father figure, is to turn the child into a product or a commodity.

A Government that enshrines onto statute legislation that seeks to undermine or destroy those adoption charities who truly seek the welfare of children to be served, rather than the personal desires of potential adopters is a Government that no longer shows care or concern towards its young citizens, nor the institutions of marriage and the family that bind the society together.

A Government that delib…


It is worthy of note that the last time in human history the Government classified people along the lines of their sexuality, a great many homosexuals ended up getting exterminated by the Government, along with people classified according to their job, political affiliation and religion. They couldn't have done it without the help of IBM, of course.

Thank God that IBM - as an information technology company with reams of information on nearly everyone and with ongoing contracts with every kind of Government department around the globe - are no longer a force to be reckoned with. Such a company, I suppose, would in modern times have the ability to be something of an 'all-seeing eye'. Thankfully we've left that terrible period of history long behind. Oh, no wait...

I suppose that as long as Government is at the service of people, rather than people at the service of the State, IBM are a force for good 'service delivery' in the World. The problem seems to be that …

The Most Threatening Thing to Stonewall


Schools and Same-Sex Marriage

The SPUC Anthony Ozimic's apperance on This Morning has caused a stir in the marriage debate, both within Catholic new media circles and doubtless in the so called "equal marriage" camp. Generally, I think Anthony did very well in a heated debate which left him facing three opponents, instead of the one opponent discussion which was meant to be overseen by two impartial television presenters.

Opinion appears divided over the approach that Anthony took on the range of issues forcefully and emotionally presented to him. Some commentators have described Anthony's approach to the issue as the right one, while one Catholic commentator on Twitter described the debate as a 'train crash'. This is somewhat unfair, I think, and given that Anthony single-handedly, against three opponents, reduced public support in the live opinion poll for same-sex marriage to be taught in school by 20%, quite untrue.

This debate is highly charged - since we are now such a highly char…

Survival of the Fittest

I volunteered last night for a homeless shelter project in Brighton. With three other Catholics, I manned a night shift at a night shelter scheme in conjunction with other Brighton and Hove Churches.

We were flicking through the newspapers and read the David Attenborough article about population, climate change and poverty.

Having read the Royal Society fellow's analysis of the world's problems, we soon thought better of our so called 'charitable' work of sheltering the homeless and decided it best we throw them out onto the street and into the snow.

I mean, what is the point in making provision and sacrificing personal time and sleep in order just to preserve these people's lives? It's not rational to intervene in nature and defend them, is it? Why not just let nature take its course, surely? These people are not economically productive. They don't work, do they? What are they contributing to society? Are they paying taxes? There are so many homeless and…

Pope's First Latin Tweet

"Orare semper, iustitiam factitare, amare probitatem, humiles Secum ambulare"
Click the link above for the translation for His Holiness's answer to a question on Christian Unity and how it is to be achieved.

Obama's First Miracle

Tim Stanley has a good piece on the liberal mUSsiah today. I'm waiting, also, for the likely account of the unemployed blue collar worker who wanted to see Obama so much that he was lowered through the debt ceiling.

Catholic Snow Sculpture Tradition Returns to England

After centuries of persecution, Catholics have returned once more to the traditional practice of Christian snow sculpture, bringing the Christian Faith into the public square with beauty, glorifying the Lord with snow.

While Protestants and atheists continue the violence manifested by snowball fighting - a tradition born out of anti-Catholic sentiment following the Reformation - Catholics are returning to the tradition of sculpting famous works of Christian art through the means of snow.

While not every Catholic is so gifted as the great Catholic snow artists, especially those at the time of the Renaissance, other Catholics have been bearing witness to the Faith by giving their unique snow sculptures some pious accessories.

Speaking of the re-emergence of Catholic snow art, one eminent historian said, "It is such a Pieta that this beautiful tradition was lost for centuries, but it is wonderful that this snowledge has not been lost to previous generations and the tradition has be…

Papal Bull in a China Shop

Have you spotted it yet?

Apostolicae Curaeis not just any old Bull.

The Church of Rome is a Foreign Power

This is a regular criticism made by English Protestants about the Catholic Church, who, making a breach with well over a millennium of theology concerning the distinct 'Otherness' of God, decided that God was, is, and always will be an Englishman. This is in spite of the intrinsic Jewishness of the Son of God, taking His flesh from the Blessed Virgin Mary and the somewhat 'International' make-up of what was to be the Early Church in the time of the Gentiles. In the year 597, the foreign power that is the Church of God landed upon England's shores and sang Gregorian Chant to the people of this land.

The people enjoyed it so much, they stopped killing their infants and joined the foreign religious movement in their droves. Eventually, in fact, within years, St Augustine of Canterbury set up camp in Kent and the Roman power had conquered England, royalty and all, simply by singing some songs in Latin and walking around a lot.

Scholars maintain that the 'Englishne…