Pray for Peace

Once more, the Western nations are being cruelly deceived. When will we learn that our political masters do not care for either truth or justice! Go to alternative news sites - the media are almost certainly controlled and they are almost certainly not telling the truth.

Pray for Syria, pray for Egypt, pray too for the Christians at risk from extinction from both countries. In fact, pray for Israel and the entire Middle East and, while you are at it, the whole World, since Syria claims to have its weapons targetted on Israel if it is attacked. The West is arming the rebels in Syria and Egypt, Russia are arming the Syrian regime.

Pray. Repent. Go to Confession. We know not the day nor the hour at which we will be called to give an account of our lives to God. You wouldn't think it reading the press, and I'm no military analyst, but it looks rather like the fate of much of the middle east and elsewhere hangs in the balance. Nothing good has been achieved by the West's meddling in Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt or Syria. Only bloodshed has resulted from these 'excursions'. Politicians should know they have been deceived by those they trusted before and should, by now, realise everything they vote on has been discussed months earlier at some gathering of globalists anyway. I believe it was held in Watford this year, was it not? Politicians should know when to draw the line.

Do you really want Russia to draw the line for you?

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us.


Lynda said…
Thank you for warning people of the ubiquitous disinformation campaign.
aly said…
Laurence, If Syria is attacked why should it not send a few bombs into Israel. Israel has bombed Syria a number of times. Syria cannot wage a full scale attack on Israel because NATO under your leaders and mine(the Big Bads)would
crush Damascus. That's the way Israel works.
Nicolas Bellord said…
It seems that the West thinks it needs to punish Assad. Where is the legality in that? Yes it may seem highly probable that he was responsible for the chemical attacks but as yet there is no proof and any motive for using such seems to be with the rebels rather than Assad. But where is the proof and the trial which might justify punishment?

So we lob a few cruise missiles in his direction and some innocent bystanders will die but who in the West cares about collateral damage especially when many have already died as a result of bombing by drones the legality of which I find very difficult to justify?

I cannot see that any just war theory can justify such action. We should be doing everything possible to help the refugees and finding a peaceful solution - even if that means going along with Russia and China.
umblepie said…
Absolutely agree with Nicolas, I am deeply suspicious of the motives of the US and British governments, I do not trust them. I may be naive or blind or both, but what has been achieved by the interventions in Iraq, Afghanistan, except death and destruction, ending up in a situation which seems as bad, if not worse, than before. May the peace of Christ reign in men's hearts, and may their actions be guided by Him.
johnf said…
This just makes me despise the likes of Cameron and Hague even more than I already do now.

What exactly are these two tossers trying to achieve? The fall of Assad? And then what....? Do they really want the fundamentalists to take over. How will Israel react to that?

Looks as if Cameron and Hague are dousing the tinder box with oil.

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