Indoctrination by the Media

'For our wrestling is not against flesh and blood; but against principalities and power, against the rulers of the world of this darkness, against the spirits of wickedness in the high places.' ~ St Paul, Letter to the Ephesians

The average music video or Hollywood film indoctrinates both adults and children and leads them into sin far more effectively than anyone but a Saint can lead a soul to Jesus because the media is a constant presence in most people's lives. It is very rare - almost unheard of - for the average person to receive the message of the Gospel from any film or music nowadays. This is an indication of the ferocity and intensity of the battle that Satan is waging against God and against mankind.

This is why, however small the parts we play, or however insignificant we believe our writing for Christ and His Church may at times feel, the new media is now one of the only places outside of a Church in which the message of Salvation can be communicated effectively without censorship. The Church militant and its presence in the new media serves as a chink of light upon a world becoming enveloped in darkness.

For the vast majority of children, the mass media, music, music video and Hollywood are the major sources for their moral education, indoctrination and formation. If you can find a Hollywood actor or actress against 'gay marriage' or abortion, I'd be interested in their names.

If you can find a pop or rock star against 'gay marriage' or abortion, I'd be interested in their names. So often we think that this is because these people are 'left-wing' or 'liberal' or 'progressive'. Let us not forget that many souls raised to the status of celebrity are under the influence not just of the Devil, but of his human agents upon the Earth who shape them and mold them to be servants of the Devil. He and his fallen angels are the enemy, not the human personnel who serve him, day and night and who are under the glamour of his power. The Lord loves all His children infinitely and longs to set captives free. He does not want His children to be slaves to any industry, but voluntary workers for Himself in His vineyard, the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.

Christus Vincit, Christus Regnat, Christus Imperat!


Left-footer said…
Bravo! Sorry to be a bore, but once again I agree absolutely. God bless!
Genty said…
The way young girls are sexualised and brutalised on pop channel videos is despicable. The opposite of women's liberation.
The media has been complicit in skewing sexuality into what is done to you or what you do to others. It has become a battle of and for power, the antithesis of love.
It seems to me that the biggest weapon against this circle of hell is blogs like yours.
Lolalola said…
Laurence after reading Spuc's updates today I have read through the kind of LGBD literature aimed at schools by the Terence Higgins Trust. This stuff needs exposing. It is the most violent thing I have ever read and is a lesson in how to abusr yourself and others. Google the bottom line and below the belt booklets. Be warned it is very upsetting. #doanexpose.
Mike said…
It is hardly surprising that the Catholic Church is subject to more hate than any other institution in this country. We are perceived by those who promote the new culture as being the most opposed to it. That is also why they are constantly arguing against Catholic schools: they see them as the main stumbling block to the total adherence to their values. And one value which is totally lacking in this new culture is the value of tolerance. This culture demands total acceptance by everybody. As Keith Porteous-Wood of the National Secular Society has kindly advised us: Go, find a job which his crowd haven’t yet been able to make impossible for Christians to do. No doubt the more menial the better.
The Bones said…
Sam, the media is not free if it is indoctrinating people into evil, sinful lives at emnity with God.

There is no freedom in that State. It is slavery.

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